Monday, December 12, 2011

The good, the bad and the tacky....otherwise known as a display of Christmas lights

 I think I'm done seeing Christmas lights this year. Last night's fix was just more than enough.

 So my friend Debra wanted to show me a cute neighborhood right by Chapman University in Old Town Orange. I had never been to this street before of gorgeous old homes. I guess that the neighbors decide on a theme each year for Christmas lights. One block went patriotic while the other did a candy cane theme. Here is the patriotic theme:

 This is when I told Debra that I wanted to take a picture of the street and hopped out of the car. I was just going to be one second, but nooooo, she dropped me off and kept moving. She had joked to me earlier on that I needed to walk home from Orange, but dang! LOL!

 The trees in front of each house had red, white and blue lights wrapped around each of them.

 This house on the block was personally the coolest display of lights I had ever seen. What a great patritoic display they did! Hope they take it all out for the 4th! LOL!

 As soon as I got done taking this picture I hear a scream on the other side of the street, "KIM-BER-LY! GET IN THE CAR!" I guess she likes me after all. :)

 Okay, so now that we've seen the good of Christmas light displays, let's go over to the ohmygoshiwouldneverdothatmuchwork displays. These are all taken in a housing development in Brea, CA, which is one city away from me. They are neat to see and honestly, I just loved it last year. This housing development goes all out at Christmas and the city even gives tours on their trolleys of the lights. All I kept thinking this year though was that I wouldn't be that motivated to do all that work that the following folks do. Some of it though is beyond comprehension. Take a look and see:

 Now this house is nice and understated. What I want to know though is who puts the star at the top of the tree??? Do you hire someone to put it up, along with the lights? Or do they get dangerous once a year and put it all up themselves??? Inquiring minds are curious!

 Meet California Frosty. California Frosty was TALL. In fact, he was one story tall of that 2-story house. California Frosty looks like spray-painted sagebrush, which is cool, but my question is this: Where on earth do you store California Frosty once Christmas is over with??? Or is he dismantled and you begin the fun again next year??? Inquiring minds want to know!

 And then....there's THIS house. This house is what I like to affectionately term Ton O'C***. Talk about Christmas overkill!!! I really should shut my mouth though, because I loved seeing it last year. It's just overkill in my opinion, though. Not only are the inside of the garages decorated for Christmas, but they offer tours of THE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE, which is FILLED with Christmas stuff. I mean FILLED!!!! What I want to know is where in the heck do they store all of this once Christmas is over with? They'd have to rent a storage space!

 Here is a portion of the front of the house.....

 And the garage....

 And so, this is the story of the Christmas lights this year. Maybe now that I'm done seeing these I can get my cards out. ;)

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  1. I love houses like those. have not started my light seeing yet, will do next week all week ;)